English as a world language in the long 18th century

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Amsterdam Creole Studies.

Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages.

English World-Wide.

English Today.

Varieties of English Around the World.


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Chapters 3-5 ("English abroad", "World English", "English transplanted") are especially relevant.

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Histories of the English language in Scotland, Ireland, Canada, the Caribbean, W. Africa, E. Africa, S. Africa, South Asia, Australia, New Zealand.

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Expansive study of English in contact with languages from continental Europe, Asia, and Africa. Most essays include a history of these.

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Ch. 3 discusses "English and colonialism", otherwise, this is mostly to do with modern-day policies. Focus on India (of interest, East-India company) and Malaya.

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An excellent cultural study of the English language.

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Pidgins and creoles

||link to Pidgins and Creoles (Rebecca Moore Howard's bibliography)||

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Excellent overview of topic with historical background. Includes useful annotated list of creoles, pidgins, and mixed languages.

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Slave narratives

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Australia and New Zealand

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Not verified.

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South Africa

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The United States

||link to the history of African American Vernacular English (Rebecca Moore Howard's bibliography)||

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