Prof Percy: Administrivia

Office: Wetmore Hall 125, New College.
tel: 416 978-4287 (voice mail).
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Office hours: TWR12-1
Schedule: T10-12 (ENG367Y), W10-12 (ENG457F), R10-11 (ENG367Y).


Once class enrollment has stabilized, I may collect money to cover the cost of handouts.

It's your responsibility to discover whether you've missed any and to collect them. You might want to make an arrangement with a friend in the class to collect handouts for each other. It's not possible for me to post all handouts on the class web page.

Academic writing and report-giving

The U of T Writing Home Page has links to advice on writing all kinds of essays (and resumes and application letters). Check it out!

UTEL, the University of Toronto English Library, has a guide to writing The English Critical Essay, by Linda Hutcheon.

Handing in work.

1. Please type or neatly print your assignments.
2. On a separate title page, please provide a unique (and interesting) title that reflects the topic; your name & student number; my name; and the date.
3. Do not put your name on the body of the essay. Your essay's title and your student number are my keys to your identity once I've finished grading. Please put the paper's title and your student number at the top of EACH page; number each page at the top right.
4. Please use a paper clip rather than a stapler to hold the paper's pages together. I do comments on the word processor, and it is easier for me to attach them to your essay if I don't have to chew off the staple.


Papers are considered to be late after 6 p.m. on the due date. I will accept late papers up to and including two weeks beyond the due date, with a penalty of 2% per working day (total 20%, or two letter grades). I will not normally accept work later than that. But see below.

If you cannot give me a piece of work in person, you must leave it at the porter's lodge in Wetmore Hall, the north building of New College. The lodge is open seven days a week, but closes for lunch (11:30-12:30) and supper (6:30-7:30). It is your responsibility to make sure that your paper has been date-stamped and initialled by the porter. Do not slide it under the door of my office: if you have read Tess of the d'Urbervilles, you know the possible consequences of such an action.

In order to give penalty-free extensions for medical or personal reasons, I do need to see documentation that covers the relevant dates--doctor's note, police report, fire insurance claim, father's hospital bracelet, grandmother's obituary,etc. If you would rather not reveal details to me, you can get your college registrar to write me a letter. If you find yourself in extended distress for any reason, it is a good idea to let your registrar know: they can help you, and they can communicate with your instructors.


It is an academic offence "to represent as one's own and idea or expression of an idea or work of another in any academic ... work" (Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar). The U of T Writing Home Page has invaluable advice on How Not To Plagiarize

Please consult me at any time if you remain in any doubt about if and/or how to acknowledge the assistance of others.

Returned work.

Papers will be returned approximately 2-3 weeks after the due date. After I have brought them to class twice, I will keep them in my office. You may pick them up during my office hours, or try your luck at other times. Please make an effort to collect your papers promptly.

The terms I use when commenting on your papers are taken from The St Martin's Handbook for Canadians, which is available at libraries on campus [PE 1112 L86 1991 GENR TRIF VUPT].